What is Normal


A week ago today I went in to have an operation to have a tumor removed because it wasn’t one of those that was on the surface they had to do it in an operating Room.

While I was getting all the paperwork done, Well let’s go back a little bit I just arrived and is nurse comes out and asks where your ride & I told her, she had left because of the stupid covid 19 rules she couldn’t go in and wait with me so she just took off. which I understand. In any case the nurse said well we needed to talk to her. well no one told me that. She made it clear that we needed to have a mask on for which I replyed, I know what do you think this think this thing on my face is? I’m not wearing it for my looks.

Then I made the comment I can’t wait for things to get back to normal. She said get use to it things are never going to go back to normal for which I replied well it had better. The American people won’t tolerate this B.S. for to much longer.

She didn’t say anything more about the subject she just stated humming to her self.

The problem is it’s not just America its worldwide. One would have to ask the question is what is really going on? The flu kills thousands every year but no one ever shuts down the country for it let alone the world.

Miss Ya & Always Will 💜

When I first saw you I knew something was different about you I wanna talk to you for a long time but I didn’t have the courage to talk to you at all. I thank God every day that he brought you into my life.

Love is something that is hard to recover from sometimes there are those who may want a second chance but time is running out. Love won’t wait forever.

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I’m Back

Was gone for a little bit I had to have surgery. I am on a mend and Like the title says I’m back.

I’ll be back full time in the next day or so driving you guys nuts with my post anyway 🙂 Have a Great Day and I’ll see you all later.

love you

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